Until every drowning accident is prevented

Innovative minds dedicated to prevent drowning accidents, striving to save lives.


Our vision

OCULARE consists of a team who believe that all lives deserve a chance to be saved. We are a diverse team consisting of two business developers and three marine engineering students. We believe that together we can create a solution that can save lives. In our eyes, there is no greater reward than the knowledge that our efforts might one day prevent a drowning accident. It is a humbling thought, but it fuels our resolve, pushing us forward through the challenges and setbacks. We will keep working until every drowning accident is prevented.


Our life saving Robot

Oculare is a cutting-edge rescue robot designed to eliminate drowning accidents in harbors, canals, and lakes. Our vision is to create a future without drowning incidents, where technological advancements save lives quickly and efficiently. Traditional lifebuoys, an invention from the 1600s, require significant effort from the distressed individual, which is often unrealistic under stressful and life-threatening circumstances.

Over the past decade, technology, particularly in artificial intelligence (AI), has made tremendous strides. These technological developments now make it possible to realize advanced rescue systems that can perform complex tasks with high precision and efficiency.

Our rescue robot utilizes modern technology to detect, track, and rescue people in the water. The robot employs machine learning to accurately distinguish between humans and other objects in the water. By combining data from multiple sensors, and by applying deep neural networks, the robot can quickly identify and rescue distressed individuals.

Action Plan

Our startup project aims to develop a life-saving robot  to prevent drowning accidents. Through diligent work and passion, we strive to make a positive impact on saving lives.

Stage 1

Gather more individuals for our advisory board. to leverage diverse expertise and guidance.

Select potential partners.

Stage 2


Initiated dialogue with the Patent and Trademark Office. First meeting on 24-05-2024. Participate in and network at European Maritime Day (EMD) on May 30-31, 2024, to increase visibility and connect with industry leaders.

Become a member of the Youth4Ocean Forum to engage with a network of young ocean advocates and innovators.

 Stage 3

Gather market and legal advise

Selected to be part of the BlueTech Startup Hub starting on 13-09-2024. gaining access to valuable resources. Focus on obtaining legal advice, expanding business networks, advancing business development, and refining our prototype through mentorship and support from the hub.

Stage 7


We aim Launch our first products to the market with a robust proof of concept to demonstrate value and effectiveness. Focus on continuous product development and expansion, leveraging market feedback and technological advancements to maintain a competitive edge.

Stage 4


We are in the pre-seed funding stage and part of the Blue Tech Startup hub, gaining access to knowledge and mentorship. We currently rely on competitions, grants, and non-dilutive funding. For our seed stage, we plan to seek dilutive capital from early Venture Capitalists.

Stage 5


Collaborate with partners to further develop and enhance the prototype, ensuring it meets the required specifications and performance standards.

Stage 6


Conduct rigorous testing of the prototype within the MARS project to validate its functionality and reliability. Outsource manufacturing through a combination of strategic connections to ensure cost-effective and high-quality production.

What does the future hold?

Our primary goal is to prevent drowning accidents, which remains our main focus. In the future, we aim to equip our robot with additional functionalities, such as cleaning water bodies of trash and oil spills to ensure a healthy, pollution-free environment. Leveraging our advanced detection system with hydrophones, our robot could also serve as a surveillance tool to protect national waters from unwanted underwater activity, including submarines. 

The Team behind OCULARE

The team behind OCULARE is a diverse team consisting of three business developers, three marine engineering students and one medical advisor, striving for a future without drownings

Therese Malthe Ludvigsen

Lasse Frandsen

Isaac Obel Christensen

Project Coordinator

Economi and Development

Techical advisor

Marius Bjerge Bendixen 

Design and sustainability

Josefine Vallentin Sørensen

Graphic designer

Emil Bech

Business Development

Frederik Struwe Bødker

Medical Advisor


If you have any questions or if you wish to work with us, do not hesitate to reach out to us